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Are there any interesting fish

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Objective of the occupational safety and health act 2005, QUESTION 1 (a...

QUESTION 1 (a) What is the main objective of the Occupational Safety and health Act 2005? (b) State 6 other objectives. Briefly describe them. QUESTION 2 (a) What cr

Polychaets, What is polychaetes digestion/feeding ?

What is polychaetes digestion/feeding ?

Define the term bel, Define the term Bel Bel, the unit of measurement o...

Define the term Bel Bel, the unit of measurement of sound, is named after Alexander Graham Bell; Bell was the inventor of the telephone, but for some curious reason, is spelt w

why did the earth form with four main layers inside it, Density of the Ear...

Density of the Earth's Layers Density and gravity caused the proto-Earth to cool and settle into four distinct layers. The four layers are, from top to bottom: the crust, the

Explain the methods of food processing, The methods of food processing by c...

The methods of food processing by covering the two major methods- thermal processing dehydration.  Food processing methods which include  freezing, microwave proces

Define caecum - part of large intestine, Define Caecum - Part of Large Inte...

Define Caecum - Part of Large Intestine This is the first part of the colon. Ileocolic valve opens from the ileum on the medial aspect of the caecum. The vermiform appendix is

Conducting experiments on animals, Conducting experiments on animals (i...

Conducting experiments on animals (i) The qualifications or experience of the person(s) performing experiments on animals. (ii) Comfortable conditions provided, and animals

Nested and split-plot designs, 1. How much variation is there in the routin...

1. How much variation is there in the routine analysis of fibre content of soya cotton cakes? The data are presented by the lab that did the test and the technician within the lab

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