Find a quadratic polynomial having a and ß, Mathematics

If α,β are the zeros of a Quadratic polynomial such that α + β = 24, α - β = 8. Find a Quadratic polynomial having α and β as its zeros.                                                                                                                                  (Ans: k(x2- 24x + 128))

Ans:    α+β = 24

         α - β = 8


          2α = 32

α = 32/2 = 16, ∴ α = 16

Work the same way to α+β = 24

So, β = 8

Q.P is x2 - (sum) x + product

= x2 - (16+8) x + 16 x 8

Solve this,

it is k (x2 - 24x + 128)

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