Files in a sdi and mdi application, Visual Basic Programming

Files in a SDI and MDI Application:

Both the SDI and MDI projects have 4 implementation files (.cpp extension). These are the files equivalent to the Document Class, View Class, MainFrame Class and the App Class.

The App class holds the object of the project and it is inherited from the CWinApp. If the project is named as first then the App class would be named as the CFirstApp and the implementation file would be first.cpp. The equivalent header file first.h would also be accessible.

The View Class is mostly used for writing the drawing code. The OnDraw() function in the View Class is the place where you will write the drawing code. Apart from the OnDraw() function, you can integrate event handlers with the drawing code. For the project named first, the View Class would be the CFirstView and the implementation file would be firstView.cpp. The equivalent header file would be the firstView.h.

The Document class is the position where the data members are defined. It has also the Serialise function that implements the file storage and retrieval. When the project is named as first the document class would be the CFirstDoc and the implementation file would be the firstDoc.cpp. The equivalent header file would be the firstDoc.h.

The MainFrame class holds all the essential coding for the display window of the project. The status bar pane initialization iscompleted in the MainFrame class. If the project is named as first the MainFrame class would be the CMainFrame and the implementation file would be the MainFrm.cpp. The equivalent header file would be MainFrm.h. Also stdafx.h, the standard application frame work header files will also be a part of every project.

Apart from these implementation and header files, the dsp, .ncb & .plg files are present;

The .dsp is the developer studio project file; .ncb holds the class information in binary; .plg holds the settings of that project.

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