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Exponential Functions : We'll begin by looking at the exponential function,

                                                             f ( x ) = a x

We desire to differentiate this. The power rule which we looked previous section won't work as which required the exponent to be a fixed number & the base to be a variable. That is accurately the opposite from what we've got with this function.  Thus, we're going to have to begin with the definition of the derivative.

698_exponental function.png

Now, the a x is not influenced by the limit as it doesn't have any h's in it and hence is a constant so far as the limit is concerned.  Therefore we can factor this out of the limit. It specified,

2380_exponental function1.png

Now let's notice as well that the limit we've got above is accurately the definition of the derivative  of f ( x ) = a x  at x = 0 , i.e. f ′ (0) .  Thus, the derivative becomes,

                                                 f ′ ( x ) = f ′ (0)a x

 Thus, we are type of stuck.  We have to know the derivative to get the derivative!

There is one value of a that we can deal along with at this point. There are actually a variety of ways to define e. Following are three of them.

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