Explain the worker model, Operating System

Explain the Worker Model

The Worker Model of client-server application architecture provides a very good understanding of threads and their power to the developer. This exercise of the Worker Models is to used as a basis of knowledge for suggested server application architecture and development. The Worker Model offers a look into application architecture using threads. It is an ideal design for server applications running with an efficient thread-scheduling operating system. In the Worker Model, a thread is established for each client connection to the server. All functions executed on behalf of the client are performed using this worker thread.

This worker thread is responsible for accepting incoming requests from the client, processing them, and responding back to the client. This architecture relies heavily on efficient scheduling mechanism of the operating system. In a typical system, numerous clients may be connected (and threads established). It is the responsibility of the operating system to provide API support for efficient scheduling and synchronization. Each of our sample platforms provides this support in a different yet efficient manner.

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