Explain the types of coupling, Electrical Engineering

Problem :

a) What is the definition of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) according to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and why is it gaining increasing importance in the engineering world?

b) The decibel is commonly used to express ratios in the EMC field. Convert the following:

i) 10 mW to dBmW
ii) 1 mW to dBμW
iii) 100 V to dBmV


i) Briefly explain the three types of coupling that may exist between the emitter and the receptor in the EMC model.

ii) Which of the coupling models is more relevant to the manufacture of PCBs and why?

d) The EMC problem will be decomposed into three main parts.

i) State and very briefly explain each.

ii) What is the strategy to deal with each part of the EMC problem described in part

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