Explain the togaf framework for enterprise architectures, Database Management System


(a) With the help of a diagram, explain the TOGAF framework for enterprise architectures.

(b) Where would you position enterprise architectures in an enterprise strategic framework? Explain your answer.

(c) Two of the many architectural principles set by the bank enterprise architectural committee are:

i. Applications and technology components (processors, networks, etc.) should be architected in such a manner that the components are separable to be able to evolve independently.

ii. The architecture will support all forms of information (data, text, voice, video, and image) in an integrated manner.

Describe the possible motivation(s) behind i and ii.

(d) As shown in figure 1 from Question 1, the customer applications can be extended through the web that is the Internet and to hand held devices.

How does the enterprise architecture add business values with these extensions?

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