Explain the process of planning in oral presentation skills, HR Management

Explain the Process of Planning in Oral Presentation Skills?

    (i) audience -

  1. size, composition,
  2. Reason for listening
  3. Important to know the audience or you will
  4. make the mistake of providing them with material that is too difficult or too basic.

  (ii) Purpose -

  • Define the purpose - mention in the speech
  • Style of speech :
    informative :
  • conveys factual information.
  • Uses clear examples and supporting material
  • Balance content and discussion to achieve unbiased, objective
  • Presentation.

(iii)    Persuasion:

  1. Explain action required to satisfy the need
  2. Aims to influence audience to change something.

(vi) Entertaining

  1. Variety of techniques
  2. Humour, anecdotes, examples & quotations
  3. May combine both informative or persuasive elements with entertainment.
  4. Circumstances around your talk

                        -  language & style

                        -  formal / informal

                        -  light hearted, persuasive

                        -  time length alloted.

      5.Location of the meeting and facilities

                        - seating

                        - technical arrangements, microphones.

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