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Explain the Food Applications of Gum Arabic

  • A major use for gum Arabic is in the confectionery industry where it has two important functions; to retard or to prevent crystallization and to emulsify and keep the fatty components evenly distributed. It finds applications in confections like jujubes and pastilles, where the major content in high and the mixture content comparatively low.
  • Gum Arabic is used widely in the soft drink industry as an emulsifier in the preparation of flavor emulsion concentration. Because of its protein component, gum arabic functions as an emulsifier and stabilizer in soft drink emulsion, a segment of the market that consumes 30% of the total gum supply. The functionality of inferior types of gum arabic for use in liquid emulsions could be improved by the addition of small amounts of whey protein concentrate selected for this purpose. The foam stabilizing abilities of Gum Arabic is used in beer and soft drinks to give the "Lace curtain" effect on the sides of the glass when the beer is consumed.
  • Gum Arabic is used in the bakery industry for its comparatively low water- absorption properties. In addition, it has favorable, adhesive properties for use in glazes and toppings and imparts smoothness when used as an emulsion stabilizer.
  • Gum Arabic has been used in preparing dry, powdered and stable oil-soluble vitamins for use as food supplements. The oil-soluble vitamins, gum Arabic, an anti-caking agent such as calcium or magnesium stearate, an antioxidant and a chelating agent were combined, dried, and pulverized to obtain a product in which the vitamins are stable.
  • Gum Arabic has been used as a non-caloric bulking agent and bodying agent in diabetic foods and in low carbohydrate baked goods for dietetics.
  • Gum Arabic, in combination with Xanthan gum in a 10:1 ratio, was used in preparing stabilized whipped or aerated low calorie products such as butter, margarine, toppings spreads, and frozen desserts.
  • Gum Arabic has been used to solublize water-insoluble materials such as antioxidants, butylated hydroxyl anisole (BHA) is made water dispensable and soluble by coating one part BHA with one part of glyceryl mono-oleate and two parts gum arabic.
  • Most dry package products, such as desserts and pudding mixes, beverage powders, cake mixes, soup bases, etc. contain encapsulated flavors to ensure flavor stability, longer shelf life and superior product quality. Such flavors are made by various spray-drying methods in which a mixture or emulsion of the flavor and a gum in water are dried rapidly. The flavor becomes coated with a film of the gum, thereby sealing and protecting it from further change until it is released when in the final preparation of the food product.


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