Explain the different types of sentences, English

Q. What is a sentence? Explain the different types of sentences based on the purpose of the sentence.

A sentence is a meaningful collection of words. A sentence has three parts, namely, subject, predicate and object. The types of sentences in English are positive, negative, statement, interrogative and exclamatory sentences. A statement is also known as the declarative sentence. A declarative sentence simply states a fact or argument, without either requiring an answer or action from the reader. Example - Marina plays piano or If I sleep too much, my eyelids swell. An interrogative sentence asks a direct question and always ends in a question mark. An interrogative sentence tries to get some information. For example - What is in the name? Will you go to the market for me? Did you score the highest or she? An exclamatory sentence is simply a more forceful version of a declarative sentence, marked with an exclamation at the end. It is used to express astonishment or extreme emotion. It begins with a capital letter and ends with an exclamation mark (!). For example - Congratulations! You have been promoted. Alas! I could not win. Positive sentences are also known as affirmative sentences. These sentences allow us to affirm something in a straightforward manner. For example - I brush my teeth or He drank the soup.

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