Explain the concentration of a solution, Biology

Explain The concentration of a solution

The concentration of a solution is the amount of solute dissolved in a specified amount of solvent or solution.  When the concentration reaches a point when no more solute can dissolve in a solvent at a particular temperature, the solution obtained is said to be saturated.  If a saturated solution of a solid is prepared at or near the boiling point of the solvent, on cooling the solid crystallize out e.g. sugar.  Although fully cooked, sometimes the crystals may not separate out as in the case of fondant. Such a solution holds more solute than can normally be present at the same temperature. This solution is said to be super saturated. Supersaturated solutions are unstable and become more unstable as the degree of super saturation increases. Crystals do form ultimately when the solution becomes fairly cool, but the nature and size of the crystal varies. The phenomenon is of importance in sugar cooking. Different types of Indian sweets are prepared using this physical property of sugar solution.


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