Explain the case of the marginalized workers, Operation Management

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The Problem: The Case of the Marginalized Workers

You have decided to sub-contract out your grounds maintenance work. You have solicited bids for landscaping, a revamped irrigation system, and maintenance.

You notice that one of the bids is coming in at $25,000 for the work and a one year contract while the other bids are coming in at $30,000. As you talk with others in the community, the rumbling in the grapevine is that this particular company is not ethical in their hiring practices -- they may not check carefully for immigration status so that they can avoid issues regarding workers rights. However, the work the company does is supposed to be top drawer as is the work of the closest competitor.

Be Attentive: Set the Context
1. Ethical Actor

The first step is to identify the ethical actor. In a sentence identify the ethical actor for this problem.
2. Stakeholders

The next step is to identify the stakeholders. List the other stakeholders for this problem
3. Assumptions

In two or three bullet points, identify any assumptions you are making about the problem.
Be Intelligent: Identify the Issue and the Values in Tension
1. Issue

In one sentence, identify the issue for this problem.
2. Values in Tension

In three or four bullet points, identify the values in tension.
Ethics Game Simulation Problem, Bus 690 Strategic Management-Thank you

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