Explain routing tone in strowger telephony, Computer Engineering

Explain routing tone in strowger telephony with waveforms and the timings.

The call-in-progress tone or routing tone is a 400 Hz or 800 Hz intermittent pattern. In electromechanical systems, this is generally 800 Hz with 50 percent duty ratio and 0.5 s on/off period. This is a 400 Hz pattern with 0.5 s on period and 2.5 s off period, in analog electronic exchanges. In digital exchanges, this has 0.1 s on/off periods at 400 Hz. While a subscriber call is routed by a number of different types of exchanges, one hears various call-in-progress tones as the call progresses by different exchanges. Figure shows a routing tone pattern.

1078_routing tone.png

Figure: call-in-progress tone or routing tone

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