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Phenetic Classification

This system is based exclusively upon face value of observed characters without direct reference to phylogeny. The taxa are either classified on the basis of a few characters or overall characteristics. When based on a few characters, the groupings are subjected to change on the discovery of natural affinities of the taxa,

The greatest weakness in phenetic approach is that it demonstrates a false claim in establishing natural groups as products of the human mind rather than of evolution. It is now a well recognised fact for all natural taxa, especially species with their 'reproductive isolation, that they are not an arbitrary, subjective, man-made phenomena. This approach is quite useful for groups with immature classification and to those with numerous non-redundant characters. It is of no use when applied to higher organisms. The use of computer methods of pheneticists can be of great help in taxonomy if combined with philosophy of evolutionary taxonomy together with a the proper weighting of characters.

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