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Differentiate between message switching, packet switching and circuit switching

Message switching:

Recourse computer sends data to switching office that stores the data into buffer and seems for a free link. Sends link to other switching office, if it is available. This process continues till data are delivered to accurate destination computer.

Circuit switching versus Packet switching:

Within circuit switching an end-to-end path is to be establishing before any data can be sent. Previously a connection is in its place, data can be sent across this connection. At last when communication is finish, the connection should be terminated. This type of switching provides connection-oriented interface.

Principle of both circuit switching and packet switching are used in high-capacity networks. In circuit-switched networks, the network resources are static; set inside "copper" if you done, from the sender to receiver before beginning of the transfer, therefore creating a "circuit". The resources stay dedicated to the circuit throughout the entire transfer and the entire message follows similar path.

The message is broken in packets, in packet-switched networks, each of that can take a different route to the destination where the packets are recompiled in the original message.

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