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Q. Explain Delayed Loading Implant Exposure?

The philosophy that has been described has its main objectives in the predictable achievement of osseointegration and the creation of an adequate hard - tissue foundation to provide support for the soft-tissues. It is intended that sufficient soft tissues in bulk and contour are present to facilitate the development of the desired harmonious emergence profile.

It is the shape of the component part, which is attached at the time of exposure, that influences the emergence profile. It is therefore obvious that the size and the shape of the component part used should closely match the final abutment and restoration.

Healing abutments are conventionally used at this stage. These are cylindrical components which are available in different heights and diameters to suit the soft tissue thickness of the particular patient and the diameter of the implant used. A periapical radiograph gives an indication of the soft tissue thickness and the apico-coronal placement of the implant, thus helping in selection. The usual heights of healing abutments range from 2 to 5 mm. It is essential that the soft tissue does not overly the healing abutment after they are secured in place.

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