Explain comparing mixed numbers in maths, Mathematics

Explain Comparing Mixed Numbers in maths?

A mixed number is made up of two parts: a whole number and a fraction.

For example: 2(3/4)

2(3/4) is read "two and three-fourths." It represents 2 wholes plus another 3/ 4 of a whole.
Comparing Mixed Numbers
There are 2 steps to comparing mixed numbers:
1. Compare the whole number in each of the mixed numbers
2. If the whole numbers are the same, compare the fraction parts of the mixed numbers.

Example 1: Compare 4 (3/5) and 6 (3/4)

Since 4 is smaller than 6, or 4 < 6, we can say

Example 2: Compare 8(5/12)and 8(1/4)
Since they both have the same whole number (8), all we need to do is compare 5/12 and 1/4 .

Put both fractions over a common denominator.
¼ = (1x3/4x3) = 3/12
5/12 = 5/12
Since ¼ is less than 5/12, 8(1/4)< 8(5/12) .

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