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Q. Explain basic working of Integrators?

Figure shows a noninverting integrator, which can be seen to be a negative impedance converter added with a resistor and a capacitor. Noting that vo = 2v1 and i3 = v1/R, the total capacitor current is

which shows that the circuit functions as an integrator.

Replacing R2 in the inverting amplifier of Figure by a capacitance C results in the somewhat simpler integrator circuit shown in Figure, known as an inverting integrator, or Miller integrator. With ideal op-amp techniques, iC = iin = vin/R. The voltage across C is just vo, so that

1596_Explain basic working of Integrators.png

which illustrates that the network behaves as an integrator with sign inversion.

1396_Explain basic working of Integrators1.png

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