Explain aspergillus - fungi, Biology

Explain Aspergillus - Fungi?


Kingdom - Mycetae

Division - Amastigomycota

Class - Ascomycetes

Subclass - Plectomycetidae

Order - Eurotiales

Family - Eurotiaceae

Genus - Eurotium (Aspergillus)

Form Class - Deuteromycetes

Form Order - Moniliales

Form family - Moniliaceae

Form Genus - Aspergillus

Aspergillus is a common laboratory contaminant. Its conidia are usually present in air. Aspergillus species are used industrially for manufacturing citric, gluconic and gallic acid and for fermenting soy sauce. Wide range of enzymes is produced by A. niger and A. oryzae. Aspergillus sp. also causes various diseases of plants. Different species of Aspergillus like, Aspergillus fumigatus is responsible for aspergillosis in human. Certain Aspergillus species e.g. A. flavus produces aflatoxins, which are highly toxic, and carcinogens in human, causing liver cancer. Aspergillus species are also responsible for spoilage of food, leather, cotton fabric etc., thus reducing their commercial value. It can grow on decaying vegetables, butter, ghee, bread, rice, jam, jellies etc. easily by producing large number of enzymes.

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