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Explain Ailing Implant

Which may indicate an increased risk for failure, which can be of temporary significance or amenable to treatment and is generally a soft tissue aberration without the loss of supporting bone. To simplify, it can be stated that when problems are limited to the peri implant soft tissue it is called 'Ailing implant', when there is bone loss but still the implant is firm and not mobile it is 'Failing Implant' and when the bone loss has progressed to the limit that the implant is clinically mobile it is then a 'Failed Implant'. However, it is imperative that the mobility of the implant should be distinguished from the mobility of the prosthesis over the abutment or the abutment at its junction with the implant. A failed implant also may exhibit a dull sound upon percussion and/or demonstrate peri-implant radiolucency


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