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Q. Explain about Rotating Machines?

Themost widely used electromechanical device is a rotatingmachine, which utilizes themagnetic field to store energy. The main purpose of most rotating machines is to convert electromechanical energy, i.e., to convert energy between electrical andmechanical systems, either for electric power generation (as in generators or sources) or for the production of mechanical power to perform useful tasks (as inmotors or sinks).Rotatingmachines range in size and capacity fromsmallmotors that consume only a fraction of a watt to large generators that produce several hundredmegawatts. In spite of the wide variety of types, sizes, andmethods of construction, all suchmachines operate on the same principle, namely, the tendency of two magnets to align themselves.

Most space is devoted to induction, synchronous, and direct-current machines. In spite of the distinguishing features peculiar to each class of machines, there are several striking similarities among the main kinds of machines.

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