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Ask quesoil company is considering whether or not to bid for an offshore drilling contract. If they bid, the value would be $600m with a 65% chance of gaining the contract. The company may set up a new drilling operation or move its already existing operation, which has proved successful to the new site. The probability of success and expected returns (in $m) are as follows:
outcome New operation Existing operation
Probability Expected return Probability Expected return
Success 0.75 800 0.85 700
Failure 0.25 200 0.15 350

If the company does not bid or lose the contract, they can use the $600m to modernise their operations. This would result in a return of either 5% or 10% on the sum invested with probabilities 0.45 and 0.55 respectively.
With the aid of a decision tree, prepare a detailed quantitative report advising the company on the best course of action.

tion #Minimum 100 words accepted#
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