Exdplain many-to-many model, Operating System

Many-to-Many Model

The many-to-many model- many user-level threads to many kernel-level threads avoids several of the limitations of the one-to-one model, although extending multithreading capabilities even further. The many-to-many model as well called the two-level model, reduce programming effort while reducing the cost and weight of each thread.

In the many-to-many model, a program is able to have as many threads as are appropriate without making the process too heavy or burdensome. Here in this model a user-level threads library supply sophisticated scheduling of user-level threads above kernel threads. The kernel requires managing only the threads that are currently active. A many-to-many execution at the user level reduces programming effort as it lifts restrictions on the number of threads that can be effectively used in an application.

A many-to-many multithreading implementation therefore provides a simpler programming model, a standard interface, and optimal performance for each process. The Java on the Solaris operating environment is the primary many-to-many commercial execution of Java on an MT operating system.

                                                                  Many-to-Many Multithreading Model

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