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The cockpit of a jet plane flying at a speed of 1200 km/hr is to be cooled by simple air cooling system. The cockpit is to be maintained at 250C and pressure in the cockpit is 1 bar. The ambient air pressure and temperature are 0.85 bar and 300C. The other data available is as follows Cockpit cooling load = 10 TR; main compressor pressure ration= 4; ram efficiency = 90%; temperature of air leaving the heat exchanger and entering the cooling turbine is 600C; pressure drop in the heat exchanger is 0.5 bar; pressure loss between the cooler turbine and cockpit is 0.2 bar. Considering the isentropic efficiencies of main compressor and cooler turbine as 80%. Evaluate the quantity of air passed through the cooling turbine and the COP of the system.

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