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Evaluate following sin 2 ?/3   and sin (-2 ?/3)

Solution: The first evaluation in this part uses the angle 2 ?/3.  It is not on our unit circle above, though notice that  2 ?/3= ? - ?/3 .  thus 2 ?/3 is found through rotating up from the -ve  x-axis.

It means that the line for 2 ?/3 will be a mirror image of the line for ?/3 only within the second quadrant. The coordinates for 2 ?/3   will be the coordinates for ?/3 except the x coordinate will be negative.

Similarly for - 2 ?/3 we can notice that - 2 ?/3  = - ?+  ?/3   , hence this angle can be found by rotating down ?/3   from the -ve x-axis. It means that the line for ?/3  will be a mirror image of- 2 ?/3 the line for ?/3  only in the third quadrant and the coordinates will be the same as the coordinates for ?/3  except both will be negative.

Both of these angles along with their coordinates are illustrated on the following unit circle.

2251_unit circle point.png

From this unit circle we can see that sin ( 2 ?/3  ) =√3/2 and sin ( -2 ?/3  )=√3/2

It leads to a nice fact regarding the sine function. The sine function is known an odd function and hence for any angle we have

                                          sin ( - θ ) = - sin (θ )

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