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units of potential energy

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Describe the time division switching, Q. Describe the time division switchi...

Q. Describe the time division switching? Ans: Space and Time Switching: Space Switches: Connections can be made between outgoing and incoming PCM highways by means of

Dc motor - motor control , DC Motor The motor  which  require dc  supp...

DC Motor The motor  which  require dc  supply to drive them are called DC motors DC motor  consist  two types  of windings. a. Fields Winding b. Armature Winding

Compensating windings, #full discuss on compensating windingsquestion..

#full discuss on compensating windingsquestion..

Find the thevenin equivalent of the circuit, (a) Find the Thevenin equivale...

(a) Find the Thevenin equivalent of the circuit shown in Figure (a) at the terminals A-B. (b) Determine the impedance that must be connected to the terminals A-B so that it is m

Quality of supply and services - power distribution, Quality of Supply and...

Quality of Supply and Services  - Power Distribution For effectual management and performance improvement it is essential to measure the several defined parameters of the proc

With a block diagram explain fiber optic communication, With a block diagra...

With a block diagram explain fiber optic communication system Ans: The block diagram of a fiber optic communication system is display below: The input signal is giv

Determine the percentage reduction in the applied voltage, A large inductio...

A large induction motor is usually started by applying a reduced voltage across themotor; such a voltage may be obtained from an autotrans- former. A motor is to be started on 50%

Construct a truth table and get the minimum sop expression, Q. For the logi...

Q. For the logic circuit of Figure, construct a truth table and obtain the minimum SOP expression.

Three-phase Portable Bench Power Supply, hi can you help me to create a dc...

hi can you help me to create a dc to 3 phase ac circuit which can exceed at any point: 50V and 20A and 400W maximum. The output should be variable from about 0 – 25V per phase, wi

Technical loss reduction - power supply, Technical Loss Reduction - Power S...

Technical Loss Reduction - Power Supply 1. Technical loss reduction could be achieved through several measures such as network reconfiguration, load balancing, network recondu

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