eer diagram, Database Management System

Design an EER schema for the following application and
translate the EER schema into relational schemas (and
constraints). It is possible that some requirements cannot
be captured by the EER schema and some constraints
in the EER schema cannot be captured in your relational
schemas. Identify these and describe them in succinct
manner if there are any. List additional reasonable assumptions
if you definitely need them
The facilities consist of a number of sports complexes.
A sports complex has a unique address, and
has an area.
 Sports complexes are divided into two types: the
single sport type and the multi-sport type. No other
types of sports complex exist.
 Each multi-sport complex is partitioned into different
parts; each part has a location indicator (e.g.
center, NE corner, ...) indicating where it is within
the complex; each such part is allocated to exactly
one sport.
 Each complex has exactly one chief organizing person.
 Each complex will hold a number of events (e.g. different
stages of swimming competitions).
 Each event is identified by an event ID, and for each
event there is a planed date, duration, number of
participants, number of officials, and so on.
 We want to keep track of which officials participate
in which event. (But for simplicity we do not keep
track of the sport persons in the event.)
 There are two types of persons that we want to keep
track of: Organizing persons, and Officials. Each
person is identified by a person ID, and has a name
and sex.
 Different equipments are needed for different events.
We are only interested in equipments that are needed
by at least one event.
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