Discuss the characteristics of each of types of change, Other Management

Question 1:

"John Kotter (1996), developed an eight-step model of organisational change, designed to help transform organizations and then anchor the new behaviours, systems, and practices in the culture".

Identify and describe each of the steps of the Change Management Model, underlining the roles and responsibilities of the change agents during each step.

Question 2:

Nadler and Tushman (1995) have described two types of changes: Incremental change and Discontinuous change. Discuss the characteristics of each of these types of changes. Illustrate using examples.

Question 3:

The Change Problem can be treated as smaller problems having to do with the how, what, and why of change.

Using a concrete example from your own experience, explain the « how », the « what » and the « why » of a change problem within your organisation

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