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Discuss in detail about Micro computer

A microcomputer's CPU is a microprocessor. The microcomputer was originated in late 1970s. The first microcomputer was built around 8-bit microprocessor chips. It means that the chip can recover instructions/data from storage, manipulate, and process an 8-bitdata at a time or can say that chip has a built-in 8-bit data transfer path. An development on 8-bit chip technology was seen in early 1980s, when a series of the 16-bitchips namely 8086 and 8088 were introduced by Intel Corporation, each one with advancement over another. 8088 is a 8/16 bit chip i.e. an 8-bit path is used to move data between the chip and the primary storage (external path) at a time, but processing is done inside the chip using a 16-bit path (internal path) at a time. 8086 is a 16/16 bit chip which means the internal and external paths both are 16 bit wide. Both these chips can prop up a primary storage capacity of up to 1 mega byte (MB). 


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