Direct sequence modulation, Computer Network Security

Question 1

a) Provide three advantages of using optical fiber.
b) Distinguish between "Direct Sequence Modulation" and "Frequency Hopping"
c) Decribe the purpose of using "Straight-Through" cable and "Cross-over" cable.
d) Briefly explain the role of the "session and transport layer" of the OSI.

Question 2

a) The IP gives a number of core functions and associated procedures to carry out the several harmonizing functions. What are three main functions of IP, provide a brief description about each function.
b) i) Describe what Network Address Translation (NAT) is? ii) Why is NAT used?
c) Give three advantages and three disadvantages of NAT.
d) Which TCP/IP utility will be used to evaluate the path taken by messages from workstation to a destination?

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