Difference b/w redirecting a request and forwarding request, JAVA Programming

Both functions send you to a new resource like JSP, Servlet etc.




redirecting - sendR edir ect()

For w a rd

Gives a heade r back to the bro w ser,

w hich occupies the name of the resource to be redirected to. The bro w ser w i ll produce a fresh reques t from this hea d er infor m ati on . Have to provide absolute URL path .

For w a r d function t akes place w ithin the server w it ho ut the kno w ledge of the bro w ser. Accepts relative path to c ontext root or the servlet.

Has an ove r hea d of e x tra rem ot e trip but has th e advantage of being able to ref er to an y r esourc e on th e different or same domain and also gives b ook marking of th e page.

No ext r a net work trip.

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