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Your first assignment is to complete a Project Proposal. You are expected to produce a thorough and professional treatment of every element of the deliverable. The page length associated with each deliverable can be considered a guideline. The primary concern is not the length of the deliverable, but the quality of thought and effort behind it. It will be obvious to your professor if you have met a high standard or have failed to do so, and you will be graded accordingly. As for the length and form of the final deliverable you develop for your company, that could vary widely depending upon its nature. The main concern is that there must be material to evaluate. Although these materials will be treated with 100% confidentiality, it is okay for certain key specifics to be blacked out, as long as this is limited and will not adversely affect your professor''s ability to evaluate what you have developed. As for the form of the deliverable, some elements may be more appropriate in Word, while others may be in PowerPoint or Excel. If you have questions about the project and the deliverables, please speak with your professor.

Deliverable: Project Proposal to be uploaded to the dropbox in Week 3
Due date: Week 3 – Sunday at 11:59 p.m. ET
Percentage or points worth: 150 points
Project Proposal (150 Points)

The proposal should contain the following elements:

A succinct project definition, including the issue or problem being addressed, the project type and level, and how the project will address the issue or problem (1–3 pages; 50 points)
A project timeline, including key milestones (1–2 pages; 25 points)
A project team member list, including participants’ names, departments, and respective project roles (1 page; 25 points)
A preproject analysis of how you expect the project to unfold, including challenges or roadblocks you are anticipating and how you plan to overcome them (2–3 pages; 25 points)
A sponsor sign-off on the project proposal (1 page; 25 points)
Please note: you cannot begin your project until your professor has approved your Project Proposal.
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