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Determine the parameter - Larson-Miller parameters:

Larson-Miller parameters for an alloy at tests levels 10 MPa and 30 MPa are determined respectively as 18 × 104 and 16 × 104. Determine the parameter for 20 MPa.


Write equation

ln σ= k1 m + c1

where, m is Larson-Miller parameters. Use given values

ln 10 = k1 × 18 × 104 + c1  = 2.3

By subtraction

ln 30 = k1 × 16 × 104 + c1  = 3.4

 2 × k1 × 104  = - 1.1

∴ k1  =- 0.55 × 10- 4

∴ c1  = 2.3 + 18 × 0.55 = 12.21

∴  ln σ= - 0.55 × 10- 4 m + 12.21


σ = 20 MPa

m =- ln 20 - 12.21 × 104  /0.55

               = 16.75 × 104

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