Determine the marginal probability distributions, Mathematics

(1)   The following table gives the joint probability distribution p (X, Y) of random variables X and Y.

2217_Determine the Marginal Probability Distributions.png

Determine the following:

(a) Do the entries of the table satisfy the conditions for a bivariate density function?

(b) The marginal (or unconditional) probability distributions of X and Y. [Note: These will be a collection of probabilities: the probabilities associated with the 3 values of X and the probabilities associated with the 4 values of Y].

(c) The conditional probability distributions p (X|Y = 3) and p (Y|X = 1). (Note: The first conditional probability distribution is the collection of three numbers, Pr(X = 1jY = 3); Pr(X = 2|Y = 3); Pr(X = 3|Y = 3).)

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