Determine the largest possible domain and inverse function, Mathematics

Consider the function

f(x) =1/2 (2x +2-x)

which has the graph


(a) Explain why f has no inverse function. You should include an example to support your explanation.

(b) Determine the largest possible domain, which includes x = 1, for f(x) such that the inverse function f-1(x) does exist.

(c) Given your answers in (b) find the inverse function f-1(x). Clearly explain key steps and show all working.

(d) Sketch the graph of y = f(x) for the restricted domain in (b) and y = f-1(x) on the same set of axes. All points of intersection and axes-intercepts should be easily determined from your sketch or clearly labelled. Furthermore axes should be clearly labelled with appropriate scaling. It is suggested you use different colours for the two graphs and clearly label each graph.

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