Describe the wiggler function in animation help, Computer Graphics

Question 1:

(a) Describe the term Mask Path and give brief steps how you could change a rectangle into a triangle with respect to time in AE CS3.

(b) Expressions are very handy in After Effects CS3. Show how expressions are used.

(c) Describe the following expressions if applied to the position transform property of an object:

a. Wiggle (3, 90)
b. thisComp.layer("Shape Layer 1").transform.scale[0], assuming
we have applied it in the rotation property of Shape layer 2, where the composition contains only 2 shape layers.

Question 2:

(a) In After Effects CS3, when tracking an object, a Track filter is used. Briefly explain the concept behind tracking using the track filter.

(b) Explain how you would track an object using the track point, and specify how it could be enhanced.

(c) Briefly describe the Wiggler function in Animation help in After Effects CS3.

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