Describe the responsibilities of the dba and the database, Database Management System

Describe the responsibilities of the DBA and the database designer ?

The responsibilities of DBA and database designer are:
1. Planning for the database's future storage needs
2. Describing database availability and fault management architecture
3. Defining and forming environments for development and latest release installation
4. Creating physical database storage structures after developers have designed an application
5. Constructing the database
6. Determining and setting the physical and size locations of data files
7. Evaluating latest hardware and software purchase
8. Researching, testing, and recommending tools for Oracle development, database administration, modeling, and backup and recovery implementation, as well as planning for the future
9. Giving database design and implementation
10.Understanding and employing the optimal flexible architecture to ease administration, permit flexibility within managing I/O, and to increase the capability to scale the system

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