Describe the objectives of tax planning, Operation Research

Question 1

Describe the objectives of tax planning. Explain the factors to be considered in tax planning.

Question 2

Describe the categories in Capital assets.
Mr. C acquired a plot of land on 15th June, 1993 for 10,00,000 and sold it on 5th January, 2010 for 41,00,000. The expenses of transfer were 1,00,000.
Mr. C made the following investments on 4th February, 2010 from the proceeds of the plot.
a) Bonds of Rural Electrification Corporation redeemable after a period of three years, 12,00,000
b) Deposits under Capital Gain Scheme for purchase of a residential house 8,00,000 (he does not own any house)
Compute the capital gain chargeable to tax for the AY2010-11

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