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(a) Describe the importance of Micro-Programming and point out one area where Micro-Programming is extensively used.

(b) Below is a diagram of an 8086 processor.

777_Describe the importance of Micro-Programming.png

State the purpose of the following components of the processor:

i. Control Unit
ii. Control Bus
iii. IP (Instruction Pointer)
iv. ALU (Arithmetic and Instruction Register)
v. Data Registers
vi. Index Registers
vii. Address Bus
viii. Data Bus

(c) SP (Stack Pointer) is one of the index registers. Describe in details its functioning.

(d) Appraise the usage of Micro-programming compared to the traditional method of using complex circuits for each instruction.

(e) Memory is accessed by making using of the method of Byte Addressing. Explain the difference in using byte addressing with a word size is 32 bits compared to one with 40 bits.

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