Describe the functions of controller, Financial Management

Q. Describe the Functions of Controller?

(1) Planning and budgeting: - It comprises capital expenditure planning, profit planning, budgeting, inventory control, sales forecasting etc.

(2) Financial Accounting: - He establishes a appropriate system of accounting controls it and prepares financial statements such as profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet etc.

(3) Cost Accounting: - He set up a cost accounting system appropriate to the business and controls it.

(4) Data Processing: - It comprises the collection and analysis of business data.

(5) Internal Auditing: - He manages internal audit as well as internal control.

(6) Annual Reports: - He prepares annual reports as well as various other reports needed by the top management.

(7) Information to Government: - He organizes annual reports to be submitted to the Government under various laws.

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