Demostrate the example of spreadsheet, Computer Engineering

Now consider the following spreadsheet:

Formula in cell D2 is = (B2/C2)

Replicating this formula (by highlighting then drag down to D7) gives all the formulas needed in cells D3 to D7

Formula in D8 (to find average) can be done in 3 ways:

= AVERAGE (C2:C7) or

            = SUM (C2:C7)/6 or

            = (C2+C3+C4+C5+C6+C7)/6

Formula in D9 to find out maximum value in column is = MAX (C2:C7)

-  Problems associated with spreadsheets:

- Capacity (that implies maximum number of columns and rows) can be limiting when dealing with large data sets

 - Security issues in some spreadsheets (it implies if you can open a spreadsheet you can also change any part of it; this can lead to fraud  

- lack of concurrency; generally only one person can work on a spreadsheet at any given time (databases are better in this aspect as they can usually be opened by more than one user at a time)  

- Due to their structure it's easy to enter an error (whether on purpose or by mistake) by entering data in the wrong cells or dependencies among cells incorrectly applied.


1918_spread sheet.png

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