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Q. Define software testing. Explain various level of testing?

Ans: Software testing- It is a process used to help identify the completeness, correctness and quality of developed computer software. With that in mind the testing can never completely establish the correctness of computer software. Merely the process of formal verification can prove that there are no defects the testing is the process of demonstrating that defects aren't present in the application that was developed.

Testing is the activity or else a process which shows or demonstrates that a program or system performs all intended functions correctly.

Testing is the activity that establishing the necessary confidence that a program or system does what it is supposed to do and based on the set of requirements that the user has specified.

Testing is a process of implement a program with the intent of finding an error. Different level of testing are

  • Unit Testing
  • Integrating testing
  • Validation testing
  • System testing


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