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Define Protein requirements of infants?

Protein allowances of infants should meet both growth and maintenance requirements. Protein allowances are computed from the protein content of breast milk and the volume of milk consumed by healthy infants growing normally. In case of infants beyond six months, breast milk alone cannot satisfy protein needs.  Supplementary food has to be introduced, consisting of a source of good quality protein like milk and milk products, cereal and pulse combinations, flesh foods i.e.  Fish, chicken etc. Hence, protein allowances for infants between 6-12 months are in terms of both milk protein and vegetable protein, each contributing almost equally to the total protein intake. Based on this, the protein allowances for infants are given by ICMR (1990) and are depicted in the Table.

1932_Define Protein requirements of infants.png

In terms  of milk proteins done.

** In terms of milk proteins and vegetable protein supplements, with a relative NPU of 65.

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