Define myocardial oxygen uptake, Mechanical Engineering

Q. What do you understand by Myocardial Oxygen Uptake?

VO2 max = Maximum C.O x Maximum A-V Oxygen difference.

It is the maximum amount of oxygen that the person can use during dynamic exercise involving large amount of total muscle mass. It represents the amount of oxygen transported or used in cellular metabolism.


It refers to the amount of oxygen uptake while sitting at rest as a unit. This differs from basal metabolic rate.1 MET = 3.5ml O2/min/Kg of body weight. VO2 in ml/min/Kg measured during treadmill test expresses the number of METS associated with that activity. A test can be interpreted accurately if atleast 6 METS is achieved during exercise. Healthy individuals can achieve 10-11 METS and aerobic trainers more that 16 METS.

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