Define goitre - thyroid gland, Science

Define Goitre - Thyroid Gland

Goitre or the enlargement of thyroid gland is one of the critical manifestations of iodine deficiency. Iodine, as you must have realized by now, is an important micronutrient required by our body for the formation of thyroid hormone production. Only small amount, 1 mg per week is necessary for the formation of tri-iodothyroxine and thyroxine. If due to lack of iodine in water or soil or due to any reason, even this small amount of iodine is not supplied, goitre or enlargement of thyroid gland results.

The actual swelling of the gland is due to the accumulation of colloid in the acini. Sometimes, it could be possible that inspite of adequate iodine intake, there is a deficiency of iodine in our body. Now how does that happens? The answer to this is the presence of certain anti-thyroid substances in the body. What are these 'anti-thyroid substances'? Well, anti-thyroid substances are those substances that suppress the thyroid activity. Thiocyanate and propylthiouracil are examples. Thiocyanate reduces the rate of uptake of iodine by thyroid cells. Propylthiouracil prevents die formation of thyroid hormones. These, along with other anti-thyroid drugs, can be used for the treatment of hyperthyroidism. Hence, by maintaining BMR, normal functioning of thyroid is essential to remain in a balanced state of metabolism.

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