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Q. Define Evolutionary prototyping?

Evolutionary Prototyping is also known as breadboard prototyping is quite different from Throwaway Prototyping. The major goal when using Evolutionary Prototyping is to build a very robust prototype in a structured manner and constantly refine it. The basis for this is that the Evolutionary prototype when built forms the heart of the new system and the improvements and further requirements will be built. When developing a system utilizing Evolutionary Prototyping the system is continually refined and rebuilt. Evolutionary prototyping acknowledges that we don't understand all the requirements and builds only those that are well understood.

Evolutionary Prototypes have merits over Throwaway Prototypes in that they are functional systems. Although they mayn't have all the features the users have planned they perhaps used on an interim basis until the final system is delivered. In the Evolutionary Prototyping the developers can focus themselves to develop parts of the system that they understand instead of working on developing a whole system.

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