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Define Ergogenic and for training and competition?

There is always our desire to work with the body more .than its capability. This is more so in case of athletes. They wish to do better than what their body is capable of doing. In this attempt, they come across various substances that claim to enhance the performance. These substances are called ergogenic aids. An ergogenic aid is defined as any substance, food, chemical or N training method that helps the body perform better and work harder.

The 'ergon' is a Greek word which means work and is defined as to increase work or potential for work. Thus, ergogenic aids are the substances, devices or practices that enhance energy use, production or recovery. The most commonly used and talked about ergogenic aids include anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, caffeine and creatine.Nutritional ergogenic aids are defined as substances found in the diet or cells that are ingested in an effort to produce improved. Enhanced sport, exercise and physical performance. Over the ages, there has been a steady increase in the substances tested for their ergogenic potential.

Ergogenic drugs are potentially more detrimental as compared to the dietary supplements. The essential difference is that natural food supplements work with the body, while drugs work on the body.As stated in the beginning that besides proper training, motivation and determination; a good judicious diet is all that is needed to excel in active sports.

There is no one "miracle food" or supplement that can supply all nutritional needs. Certain foods supply mainly proteins, other foods contain vitamins and minerals, and so on. The key to balancing diet is to combine different foods so that nutricnt deficiencies in some foods are made up by nutrient surpluses in others. Eating a variety of foods is the secret.

No substance on its own outside the drug field makes a dramatic difference to physical or mental capabilities. However, nutritional supplements are marketed Lo athletes to improve performance, recovery time required after a workout or to build muscles. The following points need to be clarified, before we actually look into the ergogenic potential and usage of dietary supplements available for use. Let us go through these first. 

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