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Define Compilers with High Level Programming Language?

All high-level programming language (except strictly interpretive languages) comes with a compiler. Effectively the compiler is the language because it defines which instructions are acceptable. Usually compilers output so called objects that basically contain machine code augmented by information about the name and location of entry points and external calls (to functions not contained in the object). A set of object files which must not have all come from a single compiler provided that the compilers used share a common output format may then be linked together to create the final executable which can be run directly by a user.

Typically the translation is from a source code (generally a high level language) to a target code (generally a low level object code or machine language) that may be directly executed by a computer or a virtual machine. Though a compiler from a low level language to a high level one is as well possible this is normally known as a decompiler if it is reconstructing a high level language which (could have) generated the low level language. The Compilers as well exist which translate from one high level language to another or sometimes to an intermediate language that still needs further processing; these are sometimes known as cascaders.

A compiler may produce code deliberate to run on the similar type of computer and operating system ("platform") as the compiler itself runs on. This is sometimes called as a native-code compiler. Otherwise it might produce code designed to run on a different platform. This is known as the "cross compiler". The Cross compilers are very useful when bringing up a new hardware platform for the first time (bootstrapping). A "source to source compiler" is a kind of compiler that takes a high level language as its input and outputs a high level language.

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