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Ask consider the file name cars.text each line in the file contains information about a car ( year,company,manufacture,model name,type) 1-read the file
2-add each car which is represented using one line of the file to a singular link list .use an object of the following class
class node {
int year;
string company;
string manufacture;
string type;
char owner;
3- after creating your list do the following :
a- print how many cars owned by the person (b)?
b- print how many cars are on the file (you need to count the link list nodes ) ?
print every thing about all cares that have been manufactured on 2012 on the a new file called 2012 cares
print all companies name on anew file called company . note do not repeat the company name
print all the cares that has been manufactured by Toyota in a new file called Toyota .note we need to print only the modlename
f- delete the first car in the list that manufactured by Honda and print the file again . name the file Honda
g- delete the last car in the list.print the result in a new file called car Last
h- print the manufacture and the modle name off all trucks in the list print the result in anew file called trucks #Minimum 100 words accepted#
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