Data and tasks - rough-cut capacity planning, Mechanical Engineering

Expected quarterly sales in Year 1 (vehicles)

The work content of a single unit of each product in each process has been estimated at:

Using MS-Excel, calculate the workloads on each workcentre, expressed in actual quarterly, total annual and average quarterly terms.

Using a stacked vertical barchart in MS-Excel, display the total workload on the workshop for each quarter, broken down further to each workcentre.

The ideal quarterly capacity of a single unit of each resource in each workcentre, assuming full efficiency is:

In other installations, the actual, historically observed efficiency of these resources has been:

Taking into account the probable efficiencies of the resources, calculate and display in a table the effective quarterly capacity of a single unit of each resource.

Based on your answer to Task 3, calculate the "ideal" number of units of resource each quarter (i.e. the number of units of resources in each workcentre that would just meet the workload).

What would be a practical number of units of resource in each workcentre that would allow capacity to go all through the year unchanged? (Assume that demand timing is flexible [i.e. demand can be levelled between quarters] and that capacity can be rounded up to the average quarterly level.)

What would be the resulting quarterly and annual utilisations in each workcentre?

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